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    02 Mar 2017
    When Americans arose the morning of March 2, 2017, the mainstream media outlets were already operating in high gear, repeating the talking points–almost assuredly distributed by ex-members of President Obama’s administration,...
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    13 Nov 2016
    First, Mr. Trump, congratulations on winning a very difficult and hard-fought campaign.  As suspected, the Democrats, with the assistance of their mouthpieces in the mainstream media, used every dirty trick imaginable...
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    24 Aug 2016
    We are proud to announce that we will be opening a storefront on this site in the very near future!  When it opens, it will be very “lean” initially, offering some...
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Who are we?

That question is both difficult and simple to answer.  First and foremost, we’re patriotic Americans.  We could be your neighbors.  Military veterans, teachers, restaurant employees, law enforcement officers, attorneys, computer technicians, etc.  It could even be you.

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Operations Fund

Money deposited into the Operations Fund will be utilized for, unsurprisingly, operation of the Second Continental Army.  Initially, donations to the Operations Fund will be used to establish the infrastructure of our organization:  hiring a computer technician (if no one...
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It Takes Both Money and Manpower to Win this Fight

Do you love the United States and hate the direction the country has taken?  Are you tired of standing quietly by while special interest groups, the media, and politicians destroy our country from within?  We can reverse these actions but accomplishing our goals is going to take hard work, dedication, perseverance and, most of all, people brave enough to do what it takes.  Does this include you?  

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