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Initially, money donated to the Investment Fund will be utilized to create a “holding company” (SCA Holding, Inc.) where the primary investment goal will be to invest in established companies–primarily, media companies (television, radio, and newspaper).  The focus will be to purchase smaller, local media companies which are undervalued and show the potential for dramatic improvement (in operations and profits) as well as those companies which produce a positive cash flow and are projected to continue to do so.  SCA Holdings will also invest in large, national media companies with the goal of eventually acquiring enough shares to influence programming decisions.

Why media companies you ask?

Let me answer your question with another question:  how many times do you hear conservatives–whether it is members of conservative media, politicians, and/or you and your friends–complain about the liberal bias in media?  Well, (for the most part) the United States is still a capitalist country and we have the ability to buy and sell businesses or purchase the stocks of corporations.  Instead of continuing to sit around and complain about the liberal bias of the media, we have the opportunity to pool our funds and begin building a media conglomerate where we can control the content.  We believe the American public is hungry for unbiased, but pro-American, sources of information (a prime example is Fox News which, for the longest time, has been the most profitable news channel on cable) and we can provide that service.

This is the time.  This is the way.

Once established, the holding company will be professionally managed and funds from members/investors will be utilized to purchase stocks in it;  therefore, like with all investments, there will be certain market risks associated with this endeavor.  However, it will also offer the possibility of financial gain (if the stock price increases) while also accomplished the Second Continental Army’s goal or reversing the liberal bias in media.  NOTE:  those individuals who donate before SCA Holdings is formed will be credited an appropriate number of shares for the amount of money given so that their initial investment is not lost.