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Money deposited into the Operations Fund will be utilized for, unsurprisingly, operation of the Second Continental Army.  Initially, donations to the Operations Fund will be used to establish the infrastructure of our organization:  hiring a computer technician (if no one volunteers their knowledge/services) to improve this website and protect it from the cyber attacks which will inevitably come;  taking all the legal steps necessary in forming an organization such as this;  hiring advisers and consultants who have the professional know-how to set up a national organization with our goals in mind;  and, promoting the organization on various social media and print platforms–to include paid advertisements.

Once these initial steps are undertaken, the first major priority will be to purchase property and construct a national headquarters and training center.  This center will have both indoor and outdoor training facilities, classrooms, office space, dining facilities, living quarters, ranges, shoot houses, meeting rooms, storage facilities, etc.  During this same timeframe, we will initiate a nationwide advertising campaign in locations and markets where we determine it will have the potential to generate the most positive response for the amount of money spent.

Once the national headquarters is completed, membership expansion of the organization will occur through steady, continual promotion in additional mediums–print, billboards, and social media will be augmented by targeted advertising in other select newspapers, magazines, and trade publications.  During this time, the physical expansion of the Second Continental Army will occur through the creation of several regional offices and training centers, prioritized by the number of members/donors in each region (ie, the region with the most members/donors would be the first priority when building a regional center, the region with the second most members/donors would be the second priority, etc.).  Regions will mirror the FEMA regions established by the federal government (considering they probably spent hundreds of millions of our tax dollars on studies to determine the number and areas to incorporate into these Regions, why would we let that money and their work go to waste?):

FEMA Regions

As the organization grows, State offices and training centers, again prioritized by the number of members/donors in each State, will be constructed.  Furthermore, in addition to advertising, promotion, and expansion costs, the operations fund will be utilized identically to a typical operations account for any business:  typical expenditures would include land acquisitions/improvements, utility and other recurring bills, insurance expenses, purchase of capital items, travel expenses, payroll, legal expenses, etc.