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Everyone probably knows what a “Political Action Committee is (if not, you can find the information here) so we’re not going to go into a long, unnecessary explanation on this page.

Money donated to this fund will be used to establish and finance our own political action committee and a “Super PAC”.  The PAC/Super PAC will work to elect ONLY those individuals who have proven themselves to be pro-Constitution, pro-free market, pro-America, small government candidates.  And we will work against the all-too-common liberal, big government politicians currently infecting every layer of our government (and this includes RINOs in addition to those with a “D” after their name).

While we will support national candidates who share our beliefs, our primary focus will be on State-level candidates.  The Constitution limited the federal government to eighteen enumerated powers while the remainder were to be held by the States (or to the people, if not the States);  unfortunately, over time, the federal government has seized powers from the States which it was never intended to possess.  Concentrating on the election of State-level candidates who share our beliefs–including an Article V Convention of States–is the best way of reigning in the federal government and re-instituting the republican form of government as established by our Founding Fathers.