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Our Store!

The Store!

We are proud to announce that we will be opening a storefront on this site in the very near future!  When it opens, it will be very “lean” initially, offering some original Second Continental Army designs, a small selection of personal gear, and various dehydrated foods (as well as other styles of foods) for long-term storage.

The logic of this is two-fold.  First, anyone who shops in our store for “gear” is most likely going to be someone who is new to the game and just starting to prepare for the worst;  therefore, they will need the basic kit every person should own and not items to add to stockpiles or large group purchases.  Secondly, the startup funds for the store are coming out of our pockets.  If anyone would like to be an angel investor for the store so we can offer more items immediately, feel free to send an email to the admin or call the number for the Second Continental Army located on the website.  Your generosity will be greatly appreciated (but, don’t worry, we won’t be sitting around waiting for the phone to ring).

The goal of this store is going to be to provide high quality gear and survival items at a lower cost than anyone else.  Sure we may make less money from each individual sell but, as advertising takes place and people become aware of the store, we expect to have a higher volume of sales.  Unlike other dealers (to be left unnamed) who started off cheaper than dirt but then raise their prices as they grow in order to maximize profits, our promise to you is WE WILL NOT DO THAT!  We know how to run a business and we will need to cover costs (product, shipping, advertising, employee costs, etc.) plus put some money in the bank but, unlike your other commercial dealers out there, no one here is attempting to get rich personally from this organization—our goal is to provide the necessary tools to the public, in the hopes they utilize these tools in accordance with the law, our Founding documents, and our beliefs.  All while providing some additional funding for the Second Continental Army.

So, stay tuned and be prepared for some great items at great prices!

(If you are a manufacturer, importer, supplier of military-related gear, survival items, or other items/products you feel would be beneficial for us to offer in our store and you would like to do business with us, please send us an email at so we can schedule a call or meeting.)

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