First Aid and Medical Information

FM 21-11 First Aid for Soldiers

FM 21-10 Field Hygiene and Sanitation

FM 8-42 Combat Health Support in Stability Operations and Support Operations

FM 8-51 Combat Stress Control In A Theater Of Operations

FM 4-25.11 First Aid

FM 4-02.17 Preventive Medicine Services

FM 4-02.4 Medical Platoon Leaders Handbook

FM 4-02.1 Combat Health Logistics

FM 3-11.21 Tactics Techniques And Procedures For Nuclear Biological And Chemical Aspects Of Consequence Management

FM 3-7 NBC Field Handbook

FM 3-9 Chemical and Biological Agents and Compounds

FM 3-11.9 Chemical Biological Agents

ATP 4-25.13 Casualty Evacuation

Where Women Have No Doctor–A Health Guide For Women

A Book for Midwives

Belly Pain, Diarrhea, and Worms

Caring for Children

Combat Lifesaver Course (Student self study)

Emergency War Surgery – NATO Handbook

Good Food Makes Good Health

Newborn Babies and Breast Feeding

Pregnancy and Birth

Water and Sanitation–Keys to Staying Healthy

Where There Is No Dentist

Where There Is No Doctor