Military Training Courses

IN0531 Combat in Built Up Areas Subcourse

IN0546 Antiarmor Weapons Subcourse

IT0468 Intelligence in Combatting Terorism

IT 0550 US Army Introduction to the Intelligence Analyst Course

IT 0606 US Army Interrogation Operations Subcourse

MD0006 Basic Human Anatomy

MD0007 Basic Human Physiology

MD0008 Introduction to Military Preventive Medicine

MD0353 Anesthesia Apparatus

MD0354 Surgical Dressing Sterilizer

MD0501 Dental Anatomy and Physiology

MD0503 Dental Instrument Setups

MD0513 Preventive Dentistry

MD0533 Treating Fractures in the Field

MD0534 Treating Chemical and Biological Agent Casualties

MD0535 Communicable Diseases and Field Sanitation

MD0537 Decontaminating Casualties

MD0540 Sterile Procedures

MD0542 Management of Patients with Respiratory Dysfunctions

MD0547 Eye, Ear, and Nose Injuries

MD0548 Environmental Injuries

MD0552 Administer Intramuscular, Subcutaneous, and Intradermal Injections

MD0553 Intravenous Infusions and Related Tasks

MD0554 Tactical Combat Casualty Care and Wound Treatment

MD0556 Basic Patient Care Procedures

MD0564 Blood, Electrolytes and Intravenous Infusions

MD0569 Chest and Airway Problems

MD0571 Cardiac Impairment

MD0572 The Central Nervous System

MD0574 Surgical Methods

MD0575 Integumentary System

MD0576 Wound Care

MD0577 The Musculoskeletal System

MD0579 The Genitourinary System I

MD0580 The Genitourinary System II

MD0581 The Gastrointestinal System

MD0582 The Sensory System

MD0583 The Endocrine System

MD0584 Obstetrics Pediatrics

MD0587 Immunizations and Environmental Injuries

MD0588 Environmental Diseases Injuries I

MD0589 Environmental Injuries Diseases II

MD0825 Combat Lifesaver Course Medical Tasks

MD0905 Nursing Fundamentals I

MD0906 Nursing Fundamentals II

MD 0910 Introduction to Practical Nursing

MD0915 Nursing Care of the Surgical Patient

MD0916 Nursing Care Related to the Musculoskeletal Systemn

MD0917 Nursing Care Rrelated to the Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems

MD0918 Nursing Care Related to the Gastrointestinal and Urinary Systems

MD0919 Nursing Care Related to the Sensory and Neurological Systems

MD0921 Obstetric_& Newborn Care I

MD0922 Obstetric & Newborn Care II

MD0927 Special Surgical Procedures I

MD0928 Special Surgical Procedures II

MP1000 Physical Security Planning

MP1001 Installation Security

MP1002 Area Security

MP1004 Civil Disturbance Planning

MP1005 Civil Disturbance Operations

MP1028 Battlefield Circulation Control Hasty Route Reconnaissance

MP1029 Battlefield Circulation Control MSR Regulation and Enforcement

MP1030 River Crossing Operations

MP1031 Area Security Operations