Our Open Letter to President Elect Donald Trump

Our Open Letter to President-Elect Donald Trump

First, Mr. Trump, congratulations on winning a very difficult and hard-fought campaign.  As suspected, the Democrats, with the assistance of their mouthpieces in the mainstream media, used every dirty trick imaginable in an attempt to enthrone Hillary as president.  It is with heartfelt sincerity that we say, “Thank You” for your sacrifice and perseverance throughout the contest–I fear our country would not have survived four years of a Hillary presidency.

We apologize for not thanking you sooner but, truthfully, we wanted to wait to see how the days immediately following the election played out.  And, honestly, the person typing this article probably stands a greater chance of being struck by lightning after winning the lottery than the odds of you actually reading this open letter.  But, if it does make to you, here are our Top Five things we want you to hear from us.

Number One, keep your promise during the last debate to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the situation surrounding Hillary’s private email server, the deletion of thousands of emails after she received a Congressional subpoena for them, the destruction of servers/computers/phones and other physical evidence in this matter, and those members of Hillary’s personal staff who had access to all these items.  Also, while leaks have been occurring, alleging the FBI is currently investigating The Clinton Foundation, nothing has been officially released to confirm that this is taking place;  if it is, we ask that you ensure it is completed impartially and that justice will be served at the conclusion of said investigation, should laws have been broken.

We ask that you do this, not because we are seeking to punish our political enemies, but because the United States is a nation of laws and we were founded on the principle that Justice is blind.  Laws are to be enforced fairly, and equally, regardless of a person’s wealth, status, or political connections.  Without impartial investigations (and, let’s be honest, the FBI and Justice Department of the Obama administration are the furthest thing from “impartial” in the history of our great country), the common, everyday American citizen–many of them your supporters–will feel that we live in a two-tier society where our ruling elites can do as they wish with no fear of retribution.  Meanwhile, if one of “us” committed 1/1000th of what Hillary has done, our freedoms would have been taken away, we would have been sent to many years in prison, and our lives and families would have been ruined.

Number Two, while this subject hasn’t been discussed openly, based upon the videos released by Project Veritas and the emails released by WikiLeaks, a separate special prosecutor needs to be appointed to conduct an investigation into the Democrat Party, Democrat National Committee, and the Hillary campaign. We have video and written evidence of multiple criminal actions committed by these three organizations during this presidential campaign:  coordination with Super PACs, voter fraud, paying protesters to go to Trump rallies in order to cause/instigate violence, and various other voter suppression operations.  Without investigations into these activities, and the prosecution of guilty parties, this grants those same individuals/organizations the ability to continue these actions.  Additionally, it permits these organizations to compile a “lessons learned” base and expand any future operations.

While we’re on the subject of investigating the DNC and the Hillary campaign, don’t you think it is about time to investigate some of the nefarious organizations that the Democrats support, in return for their support of Democrats, but whose sole function seems to be to create violence, spread anti-American propaganda, and destroy the property of law-abiding Americans citizens.  You may want to start with George Soros.  From there, our next four recommendations would be:  Moveon.org, CAIR (feel free to include any other organizations with ties to terrorist groups here), Black Lives Matter, and La Raza.  The next tier to move to would include the Socialist Party of the United States, Communist Party of the United States, the New Black Panther Party, and the KKK.  It is time to defend the interests of the United States and return to the rule of law.

The third item on our list deals with immigration.  This is probably the easiest goal on our–and your–list where you can keep your word to your constituents AND do a world of good, all without upsetting millions of people.  First, build the wall.  Your entire platform early in your candidacy centered on this idea so do this!  And, our personal opinion is, we’re even willing to pay for the wall (why argue with the Mexican government over insuring our own sovereignty?).  As you would say, make this wall “YUGE”!!!  Make it a great wall, a beautiful wall, the best wall we’ve ever seen!  Also, the Democrats are concerned about money (funny how they are concerned about costs when it isn’t them in control of the government) regarding the cost of building this wall and would rather use electronic surveillance and sensors instead of building an actual, physical wall.  Our recommendation is to do both–a yuge, beautiful wall with all kinds of sensors, cameras, and other electronic surveillance capabilities on/around it!

Also under the subject of immigration is stopping the flow of Syrian “refugees” into our country and banning Muslims from countries awash with terrorism.  Do this!  Will Democrats throw temper-tantrums?  YES.  Will Muslims and their associated organizations scream “racism” and “Islamiphobia”?  YES.  Should we care?  HELL NO!  We’re talking about the safety of the American homeland here and there is no reason to apologize for doing whatever we can do to improve the safety of the United States and its inhabitants.  Likewise, we must root out hatred-spewing, terrorist-promoting Imams in this country and send them back to whatever country they came from.  And, if a mosque produces terrorists–regardless of whether they are home grown or came from a foreign land–that mosque gets bulldozed to the ground.

Lastly, under the subject of immigration, our recommendation regarding all other aspects of your up-till-now unheard of immigration policies;  here’s what you do, in three easy steps:  Step 1.  Call for a press conference and announce that you will release your COMPLETE immigration plan at this time.  Step 2.  Insure all major press outlets are in attendance and that the networks are going to air this press conference in its entirety.  Step 3.  Announce to the world that your immigration plan is….to enforce ALL the immigration laws currently on the books!  That’s it!  Nothing more, nothing less!

How easy is that!?!?!?  Americans know we don’t need “immigration reform” as the Democrats and RINOs incessantly claim!  We all know the problem with immigration is that our immigration laws have not been enforced in decades.  So….  Just enforce the damn laws!!!

And, the beautiful thing about this being your immigration plan is that–much like your response to Hillary regarding your taxes–if Congress doesn’t like the laws that were passed by them that are still on the books, they could have changed them years ago.  So, it is Congress’ fault and not yours–you’re only doing your job as the Chief Executive and insuring the laws are enforced.  Congratulations!

Number Four on our list is the repeal of Obamacare.  You have said you wanted to repeal and replace Obamacare.  Conservatives in Congress have said they want to repeal and replace Obamacare.  So, do it!  Don’t pussyfoot around on this topic–it’s time to go big!  Eliminate Obamacare in its entirety and implement a strictly capitalist approach to healthcare.  Allow the sale of health insurance across State lines, implement tort reform in health care, and bring back real health savings accounts.

We’ll admit, we’re a little concerned about your stated desire to keep the prohibition on insurance companies from discriminating against pre-existing conditions because that will continue to allow, just like under Obamacare, for people to wait until they are sick to purchase insurance.  In a world of great ideas, this could be the turd in the punch bowl that ruins every other reform you implement once Obamacare is repealed.  You should seriously reconsider your support of this idea, in our opinion.

And, lastly, item Number Five on our list of recommendations:  entitlement reform.  Most sensible Americans (and we understand that eliminates most, if not all, Liberals) understand that entitlement programs are the drivers of our deficits and debt.  It is ludicrous to think that over half of our annual national budget is spent on entitlement payments.  Social Security is a bankrupt, Ponzi scheme.  Medicare and Medicaid are going bankrupt even as more and more doctors pull out of the system.  And, SSI (disability program) already went bankrupt earlier this year but most people didn’t pay attention as Congress moved imaginary money (IOUs) from the Social Security program to the disability program in order to keep it funded (on paper, anyway).

This country’s tax payers cannot afford to keep paying hard-earned money into these Ponzi-scheme programs–especially when they are questioning whether they will receive any return on the money being forcefully removed from their paychecks every week.

The need to privatize Social Security has never been greater and, if not done under your administration, it will never happen.  Eventually, the system will collapse under its own weight and probably take the rest of the country with it.

Welfare, food stamps, and all other government assistance programs need to be evaluated, all fraud eliminated, and entire programs defunded.  Members of our organization personally know individuals who are the third generation of their family, living in government subsidized housing, receiving food stamps in order to purchase their food, receiving free medical care, free cell phones, and assistance checks to help pay their utilities.  These programs too easily become a lifestyle instead of an “assistance” program and hard-working Americans are tired of supporting perfectly healthy, capable people who are either too lazy or too unwilling to work OR feel they have a right to be supported due to their own personal bad decisions they alone made.  Americans are some of the most generous people on the planet and don’t mind giving a hand up–but the burden caused by the hand outs are getting unbearable.

So, these are our Top Five.  Some may see some, or all, our ideas as controversial;  conversely, some may agree with all five of our ideas.  And, we’re sure everyone can come up with their own list–and we encourage everyone to do so!

Furthermore, we acknowledge that there are many, many other items that could be added to this list.  For example:  rebuilding our military, improving our standing in the world after eight years of Obama/Hillary/Kerry’s failed foreign policies, tax reform, crushing ISIS/al Qaeda/Islamic radicals everywhere, expanding our energy policies, getting our monetary policy under control, auditing the Federal Reserve, etc., etc., etc.  This list could go on for days…

Again, thank you Mr. Trump.  And, congratulations again on your victory!  We are looking forward to the possibilities of having an actual “leader” in the White House, one capable of making positive change, and of not having a typical “politician”, concerned with their weekly poll numbers in charge of the country.  Good luck to you, Sir!


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