President Trump Needs to Appoint a Special Prosecutor

For A Lot More Than Just the Jeff Sessions Controversy...

President Trump Needs To Appoint a Special Prosecutor

When Americans arose the morning of March 2, 2017, the mainstream media outlets were already operating in high gear, repeating the talking points–almost assuredly distributed by ex-members of President Obama’s administration, the Hillary Campaign, or both–stating that newly appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions had met with a Russian Ambassador on at least two occasions prior to the presidential election.  Ignoring AG Sessions position at that time as a U.S. Senator (who, like all Senators, meet regularly with foreign ambassadors and dignitaries) and without even the faintest evidence of what was discussed during those meetings, all but accused AG Sessions of colluding with the Russian government and spy agencies to undermine Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, coordinating the dissemination of leaked emails from her and her staff’s servers, and potentially undermining American Democracy in the process.

Millions of Americans–those rational, level-headed, bedrock-of-our-nation individuals who fall into the “Conservative” or “Independent” categories of the political spectrum–immediately saw through the faux outrage for exactly what it was:  a coordinated attack on another member of President Trump’s administration.  And, not just any member but a member who, due to his long history of conservative values and adherence to the law, the Democrats deeply fear because they know he has the power to investigate the long litany of illegal activities in which they are complicit.  So, any opportunity to attack Attorney General Sessions is a good opportunity and, if they can destroy his credibility and force him to resign, that may save them all–in their minds.

Unfortunately (for them), too many Americans see through this all too common tactic.  How many times over the last ten years have members of the Democrat “elite” cried wolf and accused those who they disagree with politically of “racism”, “illegality”, “discrimination”, “hating (insert minority of choice here)”, or other nefarious acts?  It has happened so often in recent memory, even if their was high-def video of a Republican ACTUALLY being guilty of the sin they were accused of, most Americans have grown so numb to the repeated falsehoods, the general consensus would be to yawn, roll over, and go back to sleep.

But, here is what President Trump needs to do in order to put this latest “controversy” to bed, get his administration back on track, unify the country, and move us all forward.  President Trump needs to call a press conference to address the public, notify all the major networks that what he has to say is of extreme national importance and that they need to carry the address, and simply read the following script:

My fellow Americans, first and foremost, I want to assure you all that I, and everyone in my administration, are working diligently to improve our country and the lives of all Americans.  We have made great strides in the short amount of time we have been in Washington but those strides are nothing compared to those coming in our future!  I apologize for interrupting your evening with your family–I value my time with my family so it pains me that I may be taking away valuable time you could be spending with yours–but I came to Washington with the promise to “drain the swamp” and that is a promise I plan on keeping.  The Democrats have consistently accused me of not working with them and not submitting anything which they can take action on. Since the election, they have created a narrative in the media, accusing me and those associated with my campaign, in working with Russia to assist my campaign by hacking and releasing information taken from the server of their flawed, weak presidential candidate–Crooked Hillary.  This is a narrative that has been rebuked by myself, my campaign, and our nation’s intelligence agencies. HOWEVER, I understand how there can be doubts in the minds of many Americans. I fully understand the how people could hold a negative perception of false accusations.  And, I also know we are not going to be able to move forward as a unified country until these issues are resolved. I CAMPAIGNED ON COMING TO WASHINGTON AND DRAINING THE SWAMP AND THIS IS WHAT I’M GOING TO DO!!  Therefore, in an effort to be fully forthcoming and transparent, I’m going to call for a Special Prosecutor to investigate the “Russian Hacking” allegations. I will call for a separate Special Prosecutor to investigate the meetings between Attorney General Sessions while still a Senator and the Russian Ambassador. FURTHERMORE, over the last eight years, Republicans have called for Special Prosecutors in several situations–calls that fell on deaf ears in the Obama Administration.  Calls that were not just ignored by these same Democrats in Congress who are now calling for a Special Prosecutor to investigate one of their former members–but they actively spoke out against the thought, belittling their Republican counterparts, and justifying illegal and potentially treasonous acts.  Therefore, I will also call for Special Prosecutors to investigate each of the following areas: the “Fast and Furious” gun smuggling scandal; the IRS’s discriminatory attacks on Tea Party and other conservative groups; the Clinton Foundation/Clinton Global Initiatives; Hillary’s private email server; Hillary’s approval while Secretary of State to sell 20% of the United State’s uranium reserves to Russia following her husband Bill being paid three times his normal fee to speak at the company which was spearheading the purchase;  the “pay for play” allegations between Hillary’s State Department and the Clinton Foundation, the Democrat Party and Hillary’s presidential campaign working with her SuperPACs to pay protesters to attack my supporters and destroy both public and private property during the campaign; the backroom deals made between the Obama Administration and the Mullahs of Iran in negotiating the “nuclear deal”, which has made the world a much dangerous place; the delivery of hundreds of millions of dollars in unmarked bills to Iran–money untraceable and easily distributed to terror groups; and the unfortunate incident of Benghazi where we lost four brave, patriotic Americans. There are many, many other situations where Special Prosecutors should be called to investigate the activities of the Obama Administration but these will suffice–for now. I look forward to bipartisan support in Congress in my calling for and appointing these Special Prosecutors and I look forward to the results of each investigation. Should any wrongdoing be found, ANY guilty party should be–and WILL BE–prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law–regardless of the guilty party’s name or previous position in our government, no one is above the law. I am extremely pleased to make this statement and look forward to fulfilling my promise to drain the swamp in Washington so we can move forward with doing what is most important for all Americans–Making America Great Again. There will be no questions at this time. Thank you.

After this, President Trump does exactly as he states, and the draining of the swamp shall commence.

You’re welcome, Mr. President.  Make America Great Again!!!

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