The Idea

Americans are a generous people, donating more money to charitable organizations than any other country.  Whether it is for a cause close to home or in response to a natural disaster on the other side of the planet, Americans lead the way in donating both money and material.

But, times are tough.  Those of us who live in the real world know the economy does not match the rosy reports released by the government.  And, even though we are told there’s no inflation,  our dollars buy less and less every time we go to the grocery store (of course, the government does not include the price of food in its inflation calculations).

However, if questioned, most of us would admit to wasting money on something (or multiple things) which isn’t a necessity.  Whether it’s clothes, cars, tools, cigarettes, shoes, purses, baseball cards, or buying bottled water instead of drinking tap water, we all spend a little money on items which are niceties or are convenient instead of a necessity (full disclosure: I have a weakness for Polo shirts and good bourbon.  Don’t judge.).  There is nothing wrong with this—without occasionally treating ourselves to things we enjoy, life would be dull, boring, and we would have nothing to look forward to as we drag ourselves to work every day.  So reward yourself—you deserve it!

But, as you read this, your thoughts inevitably go to items on which you maybe spend more money than you should.  If so, ask yourself the following questions, “How much is your liberty and freedom worth to you?  What could you afford or what would you be willing to donate on an annual, monthly, weekly, or daily basis in order to defend our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the founding principles of our country?”  Our Founding Fathers pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor and thought it important enough to write that pledge into the Declaration of Independence.

I’m not asking you to make that pledge, however.  Like me, some of you may be willing to make that pledge now—but I’m neither asking for it nor do I expect it.  So, for what am I asking?

$1.  That’s right, one dollar.

The idea is founded in the belief (whether right or wrong) that George Washington never had more than three percent of the colonists under arms at any time, that another five percent actively supported the War of Independence, and that another twenty-five percent passively supported the revolution.  It is easy to calculate what those percentages equate to when multiplied by the current population of the United States (approximately 330 million people)—three percent equals 9.9 million people alone.

Ask yourself, what if all those people consistently gave just one dollar a month to further our causes and goals?  What about if those people gave one dollar a week?*  You can see how the numbers quickly add up!

Some of you may be thinking that time are so tough, you can’t spare one dollar a week OR even a month.  Here are some items where most of us spend a dollar monthly, weekly, maybe even daily:

What You Can Buy for $1 Where Purchased
Shaving Razors Dollar Shave Club
Bottle of Water Any Local Store
Two Stamps U.S. Post Office
Medium Coffee McDonalds
Six Eggs WalMart


I personally know people that buy a coffee every day on their way to work (and, it’s not the least expensive McDonald’s coffee ether) and others who purchase multiple bottles of water during the day–could these people easily not purchase one coffee or water per month and utilize those savings to donate to our organization and fund the fight to protect our country?  Of course they could!  And, so could you.

Now, if we are successful–and we will be successful because failure is not an option–what is going to be done with all the donated money?  Well, this website lays out those plans;  while discussed in various places, the “Causes” tab on the menu bar at the top of each page is solely dedicated to explaining everything in detail.  And, like everything else in life, these “causes” are not written in stone and may change over time–but, they are a good starting point, laying the foundation upon which we can build.

OUR PROMISE TO YOU:  this will be a completely transparent organization.  We will gladly let anyone review our “books”.  As we utilize the funds to purchase/build offices/real estate/training centers, we will post routine and regular reports of our progress to include providing photographic and video documentation of everything (besides, we want all who donate to be as excited about the progress of the organization as we will be).

*While we will gladly—and with much appreciation—accept more than one dollar per week, we want everyone to focus, first and foremost, on preparations for you, your immediate family, and, to whatever extent possible, your local community.  Regardless of what you perceive as your priority, this should be your first concern—we don’t want to take away from your focus on that.  And, honestly, EVERY American should be willing to give one dollar in defense of our Country and the Constitution;  if we can’t reach our goals from this simple belief, do we really deserve to succeed?