The Plan

The plan centers on relying on small donations from large numbers of patriotic Americans to accomplish the goals and objectives of the organization.  As mentioned in an earlier section, we are looking for donations of one dollar ($1) per week or month, depending on what a person can afford.  These donations would go toward the following funds, each with its own objective(s):

  1. Operations Fund
  2. Political Action Committee Fund
  3. Investment Fund
  4. Continuation Fund
  5. Veteran and Member Business Incubator Fund

The funds are numbered by priority (as viewed by the organization, not necessarily by you) so, looking at the above list, the Operations Fund is the highest priority and we would request that anyone donating funds, please consider donating to it.  Obviously, this is only a recommendation—considering you can pick which fund you wish to donate to, you have the final say in this matter.  The Operations Fund has been prioritized due to the fact there are a lot of initial costs in establishing an organization such as this and, without laying the proper foundation, the rest of the organization risks crumbling.

Any actual (physical) money sent to us (through the U.S. Postal Service or other means) will be deposited in the Operations Fund unless accompanied by specific instructions on how it should be utilized.

Here are a few items contained in our strategic plan where we will utilize these funds:

National Headquarters and Training Facility

The first order of business will be to construct a national headquarters and training facility.  This facility will be built to be as self-sustaining as possible and will consist of both indoor (ie, classroom) and outdoor (obstacle courses, shoot houses, ranges of various layout and distances, etc.) training capabilities.  This isn’t going to resemble your local co-op or elementary school–imagine something akin to Ft. Bragg, Ft. Benning, or Paris Island, or Moyock, NC.  

Advertise and Promote

Initiate a nationwide advertising campaign to promote the organization, recruit new members and donors, and grow our base.  Advertising will consist of billboards in targeted locations, various styles of graphic ads in selected print media, as well as a continuous, intensive push across the spectrum of social media outlets.  We’ll also open an online store where clothing, household items, and other “swag” will be emblazoned with our logo and unique designs/artwork to assist in spreading our brand.

Purchase and Invest in Traditional Media Outlets

Formation of SCA Holdings–a holding company where funds will be used to purchase media outlets (newspaper and television) in smaller markets as well as invest in large, publicly traded companies with the goal of accumulating enough stock to have our voice heard by the Board of Directors.  A majority of the current media outlets are controlled by the Left–we plan on changing that.  Professionally managed, if determined to meet your goals, you’ll also be able to use this as part of your investment/retirement planning.

Expand and Grow the Organization

Through advertising and networking with established groups, we will grow our membership and our physical footprint as well.  Expansion will begin with the construction of regional offices and training facilities followed by similar development in each State.  Like the national training facilities, these regional/State offices will be self-supportive and contain both indoor and outdoor training facilities.  Membership in the organization will grant complete use of all facilities and steep discounts on specialized courses/training/products.

Formation of a Political Action Committee

Regardless of everything else we do, we must change Washington D.C. from the inside.  The formation of SCAPAC–a “super PAC” to elect like-minded politicians to all levels of government–we’ll start that process.  We’ll target weak Democrats and RINOs at the federal level with candidates who are strong supporters of the Constitution while focusing the bulk of our efforts at the State level.  Supporting the push for an Article V Convention of States and reigning in the federal government will be two primary goals.

Formation of a Continuation Fund

The purchase and storage of commodities (food, precious metals, industrial metals/materials, medical supplies, etc.) which will enable to organization to weather natural or man-made disasters, interruptions in the supply chain, disruptions caused by social/political/economic events, and/or provide assistance to those in our communities during times of need.  Additionally, we’ll offer the ability for members to store similar items for their use in our secured facilities.

Veteran and Member Business Incubator

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, employing more people than any other sector.  Unfortunately, due to current monetary policies, small business loans from traditional banking institutions are not easy to get.  Not only will we fill that void, we’ll provide free consulting services for every phase of your business formation.  Easier to qualify for funding but, like all loans, these must be repaid AND there will be an ongoing three percent (3%) “franchise fee” which will be utilized to provide loans to other members.  

Realize Failure is not an Option

On a daily basis, as individuals and an organization:  Evaluate, Adapt, Overcome, Improve, Succeed.  

Repeat as required.