We’re Looking For You

And you've been looking for us--even if you haven't realized it yet

The short answer:  YOU!

The long answer:  Patriots.  Freedom lovers.  “True Believers”:  those Americans who believe that our Constitution and Bill of Rights established the greatest form of government this planet has ever seen and, due to these Founding documents and the special men who created them, the United States grew into the most incredible country the planet had ever seen.  People who, like our Founding Fathers, are willing to pledge their lives, fortune, and sacred honor to save our Country and return it to its original principles.

Do you have specialized training in a field you feel would help our cause?  How about a particularly rare skill set?  Or, life experiences and knowledge you feel would be beneficial to share with others?  Can you put your knowledge on paper by writing articles for this website?  How about in a video format for others to watch and learn?  Or, can you provide actual “hands on” training?  If the answer is “yes”, we are looking for you!

On the other hand, if you look into the mirror and see Jane or Joe Citizen, we’re looking for you too!  If you are serious about wanting to assist, we’ll find some way for your to participate or help out.  Even if you’re the world’s most patriotic 800 pound couch potato, you can still give one dollar a month to help fund our mission, assist in defending the Constitution, and accomplish our goals!

At this time, when we are forming and just getting our organization off the ground, we need everyone who can afford to give a dollar a month, a dollar a week, or whatever amount they are comfortable with giving (whether it is more or less), to donate to our “Operations Fund” so we can do everything needed to build a solid foundation.  Later, we’re going to need volunteers for various activities—everything from trainers in a variety of topics and skills to staff for the national/regional/state offices to individuals with specific business/professional experience who can work as advisers for other members.  At some point in the future, we’ll need paid, full time staff;  and, as we are going to operate this as you would a business, we are going to need extremely qualified (and, “unique”) individuals for a Board of Directors.

Simply put, everyone has a role to play in protecting our Liberty and working to save our Country.

A special note to military veterans, police officers, and other public servants:  the individuals who founded this organization are all military veterans and we fully understand the oath you took to defend this country and the sacrifices you and your family have made.  If you were shocked in 2009 when the Department of Homeland Security released their report on “Rightwing Extremism“, labeling military veterans as potential domestic terrorists, you understand how we feel.  The oath–and our swearing to uphold it–does not go away just because of our exiting the military through voluntary separation or retirement;  we encourage you, and would be honored, by your association with us.

If you are in law enforcement, you put your life on the line daily to protect the innocent, their property, and civilized society in general.  However, turn on the radio or evening news and you are bound to hear a report of alleged police brutality, racism, or perceived wrong perpetrated against someone–or, as shown by recent history, outright attacks and ambushes on police officers.  You are portrayed by the vast majority of the mainstream media as out of control, racist, psychopaths.  Democrat politicians actively speak out against law enforcement and seek to restrict your ability to defend yourself or perform your basic job functions.  Liberal activists/groups and community organizers lead marches and protests calling for violence and death against police officers while these same media organizations and politicians sit silently.  And, all the while, each of these groups fight to loosen penalties for violating the law, give criminals more rights, and release those who are incarcerated.

Our organization respects the rule of law and those tasked to enforce it.  You will find no greater supporters of law enforcement than our members.  And, like the military, you took a similar oath to defend the Constitution and our country.  We would be honored by your association with us.

If you are a public servant–whether as a teacher, firefighter, paramedic, medical professional, government employee, etc.–you have chosen a career path tasked with protecting our civil society, safeguarding our communities, and insuring our future.  Regardless of what level of government you are employed (local, County, State, or Federal), your knowledge, dedication, and experience would be a welcome addition to our organization.  We would be honored to include you in our membership.

Additionally, right now, we would like to hear from anyone who has computer, WordPress, cyber/network/website security, video production, graphic design, and public relations experience that can donate time/knowledge/skills to assist us during the near term as well as going into the future.