Who Are We?

Patriotic Americans, First and Foremost

Who Are We

Who are we?  

That simple three word question is both easy and difficult to answer.  We’re patriotic Americans, first and foremost.  We’re your neighbors.  We’re military veterans, teachers, insurance agents, police officers, realtors, software programmers, nurses, roofers, etc., etc., etc.  We hold every job imaginable–and fall in every income level and tax bracket.  We’re the people on social media and in the comment sections of online articles, speaking up for conservative principles, and decrying the ever-increasing decline of our once-great nation.  We’re the “everyman”. 

From a personal standpoint, if you’re like me, you’re fed up of an ever-growing, unresponsive, and oppressive federal government.  You’re disgusted by the lawlessness shown by our politicians, federal agencies, and their civilian appointees (and certain lower level employees) and the fact they operate above the law, committing violations for which the average citizen would spend countless years in prison.  And, you’re saddened at watching the United States having its population being intentionally Balkanized and turned against each other;  frustrated at an open borders policy where tens of thousands of individuals with unknown intentions freely enter our country;  sickened at the thought our government is (using our tax dollars) relocating so called “refugees” from the dangerous areas across the globe into our country without a method of adequately vetting them to insure they are not radical jihadist (not to mention that, as “refugees”, these individuals will immediately receive full welfare and other social benefits–including the right to vote—all paid for by hard working, American taxpayers);  dismayed by policies and court decisions which destroy our Founding principles and belief structures;  and angry from watching the greatest country the world has ever known destroyed from within by the very people who swore to defend her.  I could go on…

But you’re probably also tired of listening to people complain about the above issues—and the many more I didn’t list.  As am I.

This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave. - Elmer Davis

The time to act is at hand.  Reading online posts, it is obvious that patriotic, pro-Constitution, pro-rule of law, American citizens are seeking answers to the problems currently plaguing the country.  And, not just searching for answers but also looking for leadership, guidance, and a plan for resolving those ails.  We have stood by for far too long while those who seek to fundamentally change our country have had free reign to implement their agenda.  And, consequently, our modern society, the federal government and the manner by which it operates would be unrecognizable to our Founding Fathers.

So, what are we proposing to resolve these problems?

America was founded as a nation of laws.  Currently, we still operate (for the most part) as a nation of laws and citizens still have their rights guaranteed to them by the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  We plan on working within the law to affect change.  In the pages of this website, we’re going to lay out multiple ideas for pushing back on those who are seeking to destroy our country while we simultaneously work within the system to return America to the Constitutional Republic it was founded to be.  Please look at the ideas presented on these pages and consider joining our effort.

 Tyranny and Freedom

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