Why the name, “Second Continental Army”?

This is long, so get comfortable.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been super-patriotic;  even as a small child, I loved American history—the founding of our country, the ideals it was founded upon, and the brave men who battled an oppressive government in defense of Liberty and Freedom.  During the 1970’s, elementary schools unapologetically taught American History and this fed my appetite to learn more;  I read everything I could find on the Revolutionary War as well as the events that led up to it.  The courage of those of that time was something, even at that young age, that I aspired to live up to myself:  the participants of the original Tea Party, the militia and Minutemen standing their ground at the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the members of the Continental Congress who wrote two of the greatest governmental documents in the history of mankind, and the trials and tribulations of George Washington and the Continental Army as they fought against the strongest army of the day.

Forty years later, I’m still in awe at what these individuals were able to accomplish.

And, I am equally troubled that we, as a country, have allowed the near destruction of everything our Founders were able to create.  Our country is a shell of what it once was:  a tyrannical King from across the Atlantic has been replaced by an all-powerful President with King-like authority in Washington D.C.;  a government established by, of, and for the people has been replaced by politicians who ignore the wishes of the citizenry in favor of big moneyed donors and special interest groups;  Freedom and Liberty have been replaced by a police state where the government spies on every aspect of its citizens;  sound money practices have been replaced by a fiat currency that is well on its way to becoming worthless as well as mountains of debt which no one is willing to address, much less explain how it will be paid back;  and a war is being waged on our borders, history, heritage, and founding principles with the sole intent of unraveling the very fiber of our nation.

Due to these issues, history has begun to repeat itself.  The modern day Tea Party formed in 2008, after the passage of a hugely wasteful and failed “Stimulus Plan”, preparedness and prepping have entered the mainstream, and large numbers of people have started educating and training themselves (and joining preparedness groups or militias) for potential worst-case scenarios.  A national Fifth Amendment organization has formed (http://www.conventionofstates.com) to push for a convention to write amendments to the Constitution in an attempt to correct some of the systemic, institutional problems we face today.  I would compare what they are attempting to do with the original Continental Congress.

And, if our country is going to survive as the Constitutional Republic it was originally founded to be, it is going to take a peaceful civilian army, united in thought and purpose, with set goals and objectives, to insure this happens.  If Liberty, and Justice, and Freedom, and all the rights guaranteed to citizens as laid out in our Founding documents are going to be passed to following generations, this must happen now.

Enter the Second Continental Army.

(Contrary to the name, we are not advocating for the violent overthrow of the U.S. government and we do not condone those who do.  Let me say that again–WE ARE NOT ADVOCATING FOR THE VIOLENT OVERTHROW OF THE U.S. GOVERNMENT.  Our goal is to work within the rule of law to affect the change we seek.)

Anyway….  This is why the name “Second Continental Army” was chosen.  Feel free to leave any feedback regarding the name and/or anything else you see on our site–all input is greatly appreciated!